Tools for Renewal : A collaboration with Leapfrog / GSoA

We, at Newbold, are dedicated to nurturing positive change for our wider community. That is why we have recently began working with the LEAPFROG project in collaboration with the Glasgow School of Art (who has a campus on Altyre Estate, south of Forres)The project is a process with LEAPFROG to design a tool to increase engagement and participation with the wider community in the development and renewal of projects at Newbold Trust. The Newbold Trust team have been working closely with Mirian Rodriguez Calvo from the Glasgow School of art to start to explore the possibilities and have began creating this tool.

The first stage of our process was to explore how a directed walk throughout the grounds of Newbold House could inspire participants, local residents and partners to create and envision a future and new potential. The walk is a vehicle for change and discussion creating dialogue and engagement between the staff of the social enterprise and those visiting.

Mirian , a PHD student from the GSoA, described the process being inspired by the Ehrström’s works (2016), who has developed “a participatory process in which the participants, by deliberating in small groups and joining facilitated walks, tackle a complex policy issue that has highly intertwined social and physical dimensions” (Ehrström, 2016: 6). Another influence on this activity can be found back in the 1990s in the Stalker/ Osservatorio Nomade and in the book Walkscapes (Careri, 2001).

This allowed us to investigate the opportunities and challenges of interacting with space and each other in creation of opportunities and ideas. It allowed both Staff, Residents and Participants to see opportunities and challenges different areas can provide.  We are continuing to work with the leapfrog project to design this walk and interaction to give the widest possible audience an opportunity to share ideas about development opportunities and how this can help Newbold Trust to serve the local community.

For more information about the ‘Tools for renewal’ project and the work of Leapfrog visit:

For more information about the Glasgow School of Art project in Forres visit:,-highlands-and-islands/

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