The Creative Beings Drama Leader Workshop Emma Salt Harrison talks to Newbold

‘It is sometimes more about the process than the outcome!’

During the last weeks Newbold Trust has been delighted to host The Creative beings drama, a weekly improv workshop, founded by Emma Salt Harrison, who today gifts us a lovely testimony of her work.


Emma has worked as an actor and drama teacher across the UK and USA.

Originally from Rafford, Emma grew up in the countryside, living a childhood of freedom and creativity, using her imagination and wandering through the woodlands of Moray. Raised surrounded by creative people, she was soon drawn to various forms of art.

First attracted to the world of music, she began to be intensively involved in drama and acting while on a student exchange in California in her teenage years. Emma says that she felt attracted to theatre because of the possibility to play different characters, and to express herself in a safe way. Acting was, for her, a good way to step out of her shyness.

It was not long before she felt like sharing her passion for theatre, and soon after this she began to teach in summer camps, and was travelling the world, acting and spreading her passion. After some time wandering the world, Emma came back to the UK to study drama, graduating from the Salford University in Manchester. After some time working on her own devised theatre company and performing at various festivals, she studied at the University of Aberdeen to become a drama teacher.


Her teaching experience took off when she became a drama teacher for inner city schools and worked with teenagers. After a while, she realized that she wanted to come back to her native region to provide the community of Moray with drama classes, and to contribute to the vibrant, diverse life of Forres and its area!

Emma offers drop-in classes in Forres’ Community centre, but she is also leading a 8-weeks course in Devised Theatre at Newbold House. This closed group offers people the chance to explore Devised Theatre techniques in a safe surrounding. For those of us who are not quite familiar with the term, Devised Theatre refers to the idea of a theatre performance which is not rigid, or set in a specific text.


She guides people to explore a given theme such as an emotion, a feeling, or even an object, and to create something in a very organic and quick, almost instinctive way.

This ‘art of performance’ is then germinating for a few weeks, to give birth to a more specific performance at the end of the 8-weeks block.

Her teaching style aims to be inclusive of anyone, from complete novices to experienced actors. In her classes, Emma aims to bring people together and to offer them the occasion to express themselves freely and in a gentle, loving way.

As she highlights herself, ‘It is sometimes more about the process than the outcome!


Marie is an adventure and travel lover, with a special interest in beautiful Scotland, yoga and community life.

Managing our Bookings Department at the moment Marie has spent the last years living and studying in Canada, Chile and Scotland.

For more information about Creative Beings Drama Workshop visit:

To contact Emma:



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