The healing Power of Herbs

Explained by Herbalist Antje Rickowski 

“My passion is connecting and co-creating with nature intelligence for healing and balancing”


Antje has worked with plants and people for over 20 years

Antje Rickowski in her own words

I studied Botany at Berlin University and completed a 4 year full-time course in Naturopathy: Herbalism, Homeopathy, Iridology, Nutrition, etc.

I have lived in The Findhorn community since 1998.

I have also run workshops on natural health. Since 1997 I have my private Naturaphaty practice in Findhorn and Forres in Moray/Scotland.

Naturopathy is a multi-disciplinary therapy which uses various approaches: Iridology, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Flower Essences and Nutritional Therapy.

Check on the video;


To find out more about her work visit:

To contact Antje directly:

*Video courtesy of Olina Lorencova


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