Litha/Summer Solstice at Newbold by Allan Gray

Litha/Summer Solstice has had spiritual significance for thousands of years as communities have been blessed by the power of the sun. The day where the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky.
Solstice translates as ‘When the sun stands still’ with origins in two Latin-language morphemes, sol, “sun”, and -stitium, “stoppage

IMG_4801The Celts celebrated with bonfires that would add to the sun’s energy, Christians celebrate the feast of St John the Baptist and celebrate abundance many also celebrate the festival of Li, the Chinese Goddess of light.

Pagans are in awe of the incredible strength of the sun and the divine powers that create life. For Pagans this spoke in the Wheel of the Year is a significant point. The Goddess took over the earth from the horned God at the beginning of spring and she is now at the height of her power and fertility. For some Pagans the Summer Solstice marks the marriage of the God and Goddess and see their union as the force that creates the harvest’s fruits.

IMG_4771Newbold Celebrated the power of the sun, the longest day and shortest night, with an intention setting ceremony for the year ahead, held by Celia McKenna, followed by an evening of song and dance with many of our friends from the local community.

Solstice is a time to show gratitude for the light in ourselves, celebrate abundance of life and look forward and set intentions for the future. A time both to reflect on our gratefulness for what has come before us and a time to look forward with hope and purpose.

We thank everyone you joined us in celebrating the light and setting intentions for the year ahead.

IMG_4761By Allan S Gray

Allan, local to the area of Moray and a graduate of the University of Highlands and Islands, Allan has a key interest in environmental protection, adventure and for the community of Moray


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