Ten videos about protecting the planet

April 22nd 2016 will mark a significant day in the transition towards a more just and sustainable future. On this day we celebrate Earth day; we celebrated the signing on the Paris Accord and action from over 160 countries towards protecting our environment.

The environmental movement has come together every year since 1970 until present to show solidarity for change. Earthday is now celebrated by over 192 countries with over 220,000 partner organisations.

Below is are 10 videos/movies around protecting the planet.

1. Sylvia Earle – Protecting our oceans

2. John Francis – Walk the earth – 17 year vow of silence.

3. Give earth a hand

4. Planetary: Movie

5. An inconvenient truth

6. Louise Schwarzburg – Nature/Beauty/Gratitude

7. Our Future

8. Save the oceans / Feed the world – Ted Talk

9. Nature is speaking series

10. A case for optimism on climate change



XjnMopamBlog by Allan Gray

Allan is local to the area of Moray and a graduate of the University of Highlands and Islands with a degree in Sustainable Rural Development. Allan has key interests in environmental protection, cycling and in the community of Moray.


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