Newbold Volunteer Stories: Ted Talk

Hello, my name is Ted and I’m a Newbold Volunteer. I come to Newbold every Tuesday to do what I can to help this very special community sustain itself. Sometimes I work in the garden other times I work in the kitchen. I love cooking and I love growing vegetables so the lure of a fully stocked and competently run vegetable garden was too strong to resist. So when Newbold appealed for volunteers to help with Autumn harvest and processing and preservation of garden produce I said Yes. I know Martin, the gardener, and I love his garden so I offered my help.

IMG_2795.jpgThe first thing I got stuck into was the Autumn apple harvest and that was marvellous. Of course you have to something with them when take them from the tree; although storage is fine some apples do not keep well so I made gallons of apple compote, gallons of apple chutney and after Xmas I made gallons of marmalade, thats the sort of thing I do. Iv also done a lot of washing up which is always appreciated in the kitchen because there a lot of people to feed; the washing uproot to keep moving to keep the cooks happy and you have always got to keep the coops happy; everyone knows that.

I enjoy volunteering very much because I have become part o f a community I admire a great deal. A community which is run on mutual respect. Many Newbold volunteers come in and choose to help out with assistance from the volunteer co-ordinator that makes sure everything is running smoothly. I think this is very valuable. It opens the community to a wider audience than it would have if it was enclosed in itself. It introduces this community to a wider audience in the town. Im always trying to convince those at Newbold to join me in enjoying the town and they are always persuading me to enjoy myself at Newbold. It works out very well.
12671927_1244274505586997_1689305229711156822_oWhat makes this place tick is the trust and respect for one another. Newbold has done a lot for me personally: i have become more tolerant of other peoples attitudes and methods. Iv had interesting talks about marmalade and jan which is all in good fun.

Mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual enjoyment of each other. Iv met some wonderful friends here. Some friendships are deeply engrained I know Martin very well and we enjoy each others company very much. I believe it is very important for the greater community of Forres to know what happens at Newbold and for Newbold to know what happens in the nearby town and immediate environment. I think the tow can learn from each other; the town can learn a lot from Newbold. I know I have.By Ted Percy

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 17.32.24

By Ted Percy

Newbold Volunteer & Musician






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