Life is like stepping into a boat by Ceri Oakley

Life is like stepping into a boat that is about to sail to sea and sink.

As human beings we do tend to scramble for certainty, when we realise everything around is sort of upside down, moving, insecure, changing all the time. But really if you think about it everything keeps changing , us, our friends. Life as we want it to stay changes, we seem to be doomed to suffer because we have a real deep fear about how things really are.

Our attempts to find lasting pleasure , security are at odds with the fact that we are part of the whole that is in a process of change.


So Dilema. We resist the impermanency of death , (another day closer to death) .We resist so much we think if we did this or did not do that, somehow we would secure a comfortable, a dependable, controllable life. Therefore we get disappointed when things do not turn out as planned.

I think we have a choice either to cling to the false security of fixed ideas , views even though they bring us fleeting satisfaction or to overcome fear and make the leap to living an authentic life.

How can we relax and have a genuine life, relationship with the groundlessness  of being human.

ceriCeri Oakley

Resident kitchen focaliser at Newbold and yoga teacher from the Sivananda tradition. I have been immersed in yoga teaching philosophy for the past 20 years. Also recently qualified in teaching yoga to children, something I have fun with and am passionate about.



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