Moray Made Man: My roots and my connection to Morayshire.

My roots, my childhood and my most important memories are in Moray (I grew up in nearby town of Elgin). My Memories are of walking in Findhorn Bay and Roseisle Forest; climbing local hills; camping along the river Spey; and importantly in the kindness of the community.

My time at Newbold has helped these roots to grow and sprout new opportunitys . Aiding a growth that has allowed me to contribute to the wider Moray ecosystem. Contributing to Moray Supports Refugees, participation in Forres Climate March and contribution in Tourism Forums. Newbold has given me opportunities not only to witness the great potential in the Morayshire community but to be part of it. The guests, the volunteers and the staff at Newbold help inspire me to make changes not only in my work but with interpersonal connections. The connection I have with Newbold community has helped me to reconnect with Moray in a way that reinvigorates my passion for the area. The natural beauty, the tranquility and the potential in its people.

The value of these connections to community is the focus point of change. How we understand each other, understand our values, how we communicate concern, how we show praise and gratitude. How we collaborate. This is reflected in key values of the Newbold Trust; in Social sustainability. I hope everyone has the chance to make new connections in community, learn from these connections and use them to promote good values and good intentions in aiding communities around the world to fulfil its potential.

XjnMopamBy Allan Gray

Marketing Assistant and programmes co-ordinator

<- (Thats me on Ben Rinnes on New years day)

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