Peace & Grace

We have to start our relationship with any teaching with an open heart and an open mind, as open as we can possibly be, and realise that it’s we – each of us, individually – who bring to any moment of life the most valuable element there is. And that’s our willingness to be open, to question, to care & be loving.

Even we are open and sincere, even the smallest thing can change your whole world and can shift our perspective and we begin to sit, to fall into the peace that passeth all understanding, and we begin to step out of the suffering.

Grace is all around us if only we have eyes to see it. The good moments are grace, the confusing moments are grace, when we begin to open enough to realise there is grace in every situation, in each person we meet, no matter how difficult or easy we perceive them to be, our hearts will flower and we will be able to express the peace and the love that each one of us has within us.

Ceri Oakley
Yoga & Kitchen Focaliser


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