Letter from our volunteer Angel

_DSF7463There, in the land where the summer loses its name,

In the realm of grey skies and cool air, lies a place,

And surrounded by woodland there is a house

And in it some people live.

Known as the Newbolders

They are reknown by their kindness

And total acceptance of anybody visiting,

Be it for a day, for a week, for a month, for years…

Through them a permeating peacefulness radiates

To everybody around

And you get embedded in it

Feeling at peace, at ease and relaxed

They hold the space and they co-create the atmosphere

For the enjoyment of all the people visiting.


I have been there for a little while

And I have been embedded in its caring dynamics

And now I have to leave, leaving behind this place,

Leaving behind its peacefulness and acceptance

But taking a part of it in my heart

So those qualities form part of my being.


I cannot say I feel sad in this hour of my leaving,

I cannot say I feel happy in my leaving either.

Strange as I am, I feel a sense of completeness,

I have fully given myself

And I have fully received the essence of the place in myself.


So there is neither sadness nor happiness,

Nor any regrets of not having done something

Or of having done something,

Just the contentment of having fully partaken in the sacred dance

Of giving and receiving with an open heart.


And out of this sense of completeness

Comes a flow of gratitude for having been in this place,

Gratitude to each one of the people inhabiting this house

Expressing in their unique ways its qualities,

Gratitude for accepting me to participate

In the multicolour, multifaceted kaleidoscope they form,

Transmitting its beauty to the place.


To all of them, those who were in the past,

Those who are now living and I have met them,

And those who will be in the future

Goes my gratitude for making possible and holding

The beauty of this place

With their open hearts


To Allan, Andrea, Bas, Bruna, Ceri, Christopher, David, Deborah, Emma, Heather, Judith, Julie, Kristy, Martin, Michael, Paul, Rita, Seth, Sylvia, Ulrike, Victor…. And to all the local volunteers!!!

Andrea 2 2015Florencia Marcus Matias 2015Juan and Florencia


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