Welcome to the Newbold Blog

spiral of the great circle of lifeOur blog reflects our role in part of what Joanna Macy has called the Great Turning – an un-named, self-organising movement of millions of individuals and organisations concerned with social and environmental justice, wellbeing and sustainability.

Our contribution is to help provide an answer to the question: “How do we change ourselves so that we are strong enough to contribute to this great shift?” (Naomi Klein).

Newbold Community GartheringWe aim to share here some of the hope, inspiration, education, healing, motivation and skills provided by our life here at Newbold.

We hope you enjoy our blog, keep an eye on this page for further updates!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Newbold Blog

  1. My two weeks in Newbold House is a memory I will relish reliving for all my years to come. It was a special blessing to share space, life and experience with our writing group and your gracious, accommodating awe-inspiring staff. It felt almost at once like I’d come “home” both emotionally and spiritually, and time spent with Christopher, Margie, Seth, Ben, Martin, Ceri, Deborah, Paul, Michael, Helen, Victor, Heather (of the soft smile and the great hands!), David and a host of other beautiful people who populated my time at Newbold with your innocence and lightness and dare I say, Magic? My gratitude is boundless for the alchemy you helped create in my soul…*


    • Thank you very much Mary for your beautiful energy and your kind words. It was a pleasure for us to host you and your fantastic group. This is your home and we will always be happy to welcome you at Newbold.


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